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Donna Costa began a career in holistic health care as a Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant in 1999. She then trained as a Classical Homœopath, graduating from the Canadian College of Homœopathic Medicine in 2004, and practicing in London, Ontario.

In 2010, Donna discovered Bowtech® – the Original Bowen Technique – and realized she loved working with her hands! Bowen became her modality of choice and the focus of her practice. She became a Professional Bowenwork Practitioner, then continued her studies of Specialized Bowen Procedures with Ossie and Elaine Rentsch (founders of The Bowen Training Academy of Australia (BTAA)). In 2016, she completed training as a Bowen Instructor and is licensed with BTAA to teach in Canada.

Donna with Ossie and Elaine

“Bowen is helpful for so many types of pain! In the past, people came to Bowen often after they tried (unsuccessfully) many other types of therapy. With Bowen’s excellent reputation for helping with pain, people are now coming to Bowen first! In addition to physical pain, I’ve seen people release past emotional trauma through Bowenwork. It is especially rewarding to work with children and see them become more confident, less fearful, and more attentive (as reported by their teachers). But even for athletes (who are in good shape and not experiencing pain), it can release limitations in movement (whether known or unknown) and increase range of motion so they can be at their best game! As a practitioner, I get to be part of a person’s healing journey which is very satisfying. I’ve practiced other modalities and I see consistent and reliable results with Bowenwork. Doing hands-on body work grounds me and I love that Bowen is user-friendly with minimal possibility of burnout or strain on the practitioner. This was very important to me as I, myself, found this work later in life. And now, as an Instructor, I am able to help others start their own rewarding and satisfying career.”

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